InfoSec Advisory Value

  1. Establishment of an enterprise-wide cyber risk management strategy that is in unison with business requirements.
  2. Work closely with all stakeholders to obtain the right amount of budget. Our team will ensure the budget is efficiently balanced with the risk posture of the business.
  3. Effectively articulate and present security information to board members and senior executives.
  4. Knowledge transfer to the board and executive team of inherent, transferred and residual business risks.
  5. Third party objective. We are here for you – our client.
  6. Identify and implement an effective risk management framework that is specific to your business needs.
  7. Ensure adequate controls are implemented. These controls will be measurable and are directly aligned with the business requirements.
  8. Determine and identify the correct level and type of staffing needed for your business risk initiatives.
  9. Establish correct level and type of information security ownership across the enterprise.
  10. Actively develop and build a cross functional cybersecurity risk management team.
  11. Perform a cybersecurity risk assessment. The assessment will identify and classify the most to least critical people, processes and technologies that drive your business revenues.
  12. Knowing which cybersecurity questions to ask and why. This includes situational awareness, strategy and operations, incident response, and third party agreements/negotiations.


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