The information security industry is in need of a new type of business technology leader. In particular, within the field of Information Security and business risk management. These new security leaders have significant responsibilities when securing a business or organization. They work with underserved budgets. They impress upon senior executives about the perils of lethargic security planning. They are “all in” when securing the enterprise. They do not buy into fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). Instead, they work diligently to resolve security problems using practical application or experience coupled with education. The new information security leader is a leader integrator with a combination of technology and business experience. This person is a situational chameleon technologist with strong leadership abilities. Security leaders of today can:

  • Think critically about aligning security needs with business objectives
  • Communicate security initiatives to board members and senior executives
  • Communicate security requirements to mid-level management, engineers, analysts, programmers or project leaders
  • Coach, guide, direct and instill a proactive security mindset across the enterprise
  • Use holistic approaches to solve security problems while supporting the business
  • Work with people, process and technology to develop, align and support an effective security posture

InfoSec Advisory brings the future of security leadership into today.

Senior Business Security Advisor - James M. Myers

James is a Senior Business Security Advisor and comes with the following credentials:

  1. B.S., Electronics Engineering with an emphasis in communication systems.
  2. MS., Technology Management with an emphasis in strategy, business finance and technology transfer.
  3. Fifteen years of business risk management experience across multiple vertical markets.
  4. Certified Chief Information Security Officer – CCISO.
  5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP.
  6. Certified in Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
  7. Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Governance; Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance.
  8. Six year United Stated Navy Veteran.