Vendor Agnostic

InfoSec advisors believe that being a trusted advisor to clients or client prospects, it’s imperative to be vendor agnostic. Meaning, the business is here primarily for the benefit of our clients. Being vendor agnostic to us means:

  1. Engage in open business and security technology discussions with service and product vendors
  2. Help to ensure the clients’ security purchases align with business objectives
  3. Be a trusted advisor to the client during contract negotiations
  4. Not accept financial incentives, gifts or other rewards from the vendor community while working with or negotiating on behalf of the client
  5. Not have a primary bias towards any vendors’ business or security technology solution


It takes a village to secure a business. No single person, department or entity can effectively secure an entire business working as a single entity. Our team knows that information security is not your business. People hire us to help them solve information security problems or to enhance an information security strategy, program, project, or governance and compliance initiative. Being cybersecurity transparent means reaching out across organizational and functional boundaries. This form of cybersecurity leadership helps to engage the employee body of the business, not just the security team.  Our team believes this holistic “transparent” approach is needed today to solve the most complex and critical information security problems for any sized business.

Senior Business Security Advisor - James M. Myers

James is a Senior Business Security Advisor. James comes with the following credentials:

  1. B.S., Electronics Engineering with an emphasis in communication systems.
  2. MS., Technology Management with an emphasis in strategy, business finance and technology transfer.
  3. Fifteen years of business risk management experience across multiple vertical markets.
  4. Certified Chief Information Security Officer – CCISO.
  5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP.
  6. Certified in Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
  7. Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Governance; Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance.
  8. Six year United Stated Navy Veteran.